Craigslist Pro – A More Beautiful Craigslist

by iPad App Critic on June 12, 2010

craigslist pro ipadWhere does everyone go to find used goods, rentals, jobs, and all the other things people offer, Craigslist of course.  Craigslist has made a name of itself connecting people wanting to sell, rent, or offer any type of service to their local communities.  However, browsing on the iPad offers the same boring experience as on your laptop.  Craigslist Pro for iPad seeks to make Craigslist a bit more beautiful and user-friendly.

With the Craigslist Pro for iPad app, iPad users can browse Craigslist through a more fun and engaging interface optimized for the iPad.  Craigslist Pro has the ability to search through all of the different categories of Craigslist and apply different types of filters to each category.  We enjoyed using Craigslist Pro much more than using Craigslist on Safari because the app shows thumbnails of posts while browsing and offered a more user-friendly experience.  The only problem we found with the app is that there is a slight lag on clicking the listings.  This is probably because of the way Craigslist is structured and their lack of a public API. We don’t think the people at Craigslist Pro can do much about that.

We think Craigslist Pro is a great app and a must for every iPad user.


craigslist on ipad


AudioNote – Notes Synced with Audio

by iPad App Critic on June 9, 2010

audio noteWhen we first heard about the iPad we knew that it would be a killer note taking device, and it is.  AudioNote takes iPad note taking to a whole new level.  The basic premise of the app is syncing your notes with the audio at the meeting or lecture taking place.

AudioNote allows arranges your notes by title, place, and time.  Once a new note is create, the user simply clicks the record button and has the option to either type their notes or draw with their fingers.  This provides for a rich note taking experience as typed and drawn figures can be combined seamlessly.

AudioNote then syncs your notes with the audio that is being recorded.  The great feature of the app is being able to listen to the audio that was recorded while the notes were taken.  The user can either playback the recording from the beginning or click on any area of the notes to listen to the recording from there.  AudioNote highlights the part of the notes that were taken while the recording is being played.

AudioNote also has the functionality to export or e-mail your notes and recording to a computer.  However, the notes that are exported are no longer synced like it is on the iPad.  What you end up with on the computer is a separate text file, audio file, and an HTML file with the notes.  We think that this is the worst feature of the app as it restricts all useful reviewing of notes to the iPad.  To AudioNotes defense, reviewing the notes on the iPad is a great user experience.

The days of the separate audio recorder are over, AudioNote is here.  We hope that the team over at AudioNote will come up with a better exporting function and make this great app a killer app.



Air Display for iPad

by iPad App Critic on June 4, 2010

air display ipadEver wish you had more desktop space when working on a laptop?  Well, now there’s an iPad app for that.  Air Display for iPad allows users to use their iPad screen like a second monitor, and to use it wirelessly.  As long as the Mac and iPad are on the same wireless network, the iPad can be used as a second screen.

We were very excited to test out this app as it would provide more productivity when we are working outside the office and don’t have access to our external monitors.  Air Display is a great idea, why wouldn’t people want an extension of their laptop on an iPad?  However, after using the app we were a little disappointed because it’s slow performance and its actually utility.

When we started using the application we quickly realized that anything we would display on the second screen could be done natively on the iPad itself.

Our first try was using the iPad to display a  second browsing window.  After trying it out, we saw that the resolution wouldn’t allow for webpages to be displayed properly and Air Display had a slight lag on the movement of the mouse.   We saw no reason to use AirDisplay for web browsing when we can just open Safari on the iPad itself (unless you want to view some flash websites).

Our second test was displaying documents to reference and edit.   After opening up a document in Word we quickly realized that if we needed a reference point to a document we could easily open it up in Pages or one of the numerous document viewing/editing iPad apps and have a better interface to work with.

Ok, so how about all the apps that we can’t run on an iPad?  Truthfully, AirDisplay just doesn’t provide enough space or fast performance for anyone to run a Mac app that would have a great experience.

With all of these negative notes about Air Display, then why review it on Good iPad Apps?  One simple reason, we see potential in this app.  Although we didn’t find much use for it, we are sure that there are tons of people out there that could find use for it.  For example, if you want to display two different excel spreadsheets and be able to quickly move back and forth between then with your mouse, this would be the perfect app.  If you want to watch some flash websites on the iPad, or control your iTunes library from the iPad Air Display does the trick.



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